Beerfarm's original Shirazzaweiss, released initially in February 2018, has been touted by some as one of the brewery's most compelling releases. The collaboration with lo-fi Margaret River winemaker LS Merchants makes a long-awaited return for 2019, and brings with it a sister beer in the shape of a sauvignon blanc-Berliner Weisse hybrid, wittily named Berlinion Blanc.

It was brewed to celebrate the passing wine vintage and, perhaps more importantly, to celebrate two like-minded producers coming together to create a unique product that encapsulates what is great about the Margaret River region. Although the concept is much the same as the original, this expression is a bold rendition of a Berliner Weisse base that has been stacked with hand-picked, minimal-intervention sauvignon blanc grape juice from within the region to create a thirst-inducing, enamel-stripping white sour ale.

Brimming with acid and funk, Berlinion Blanc shows subtle but juicy bunch-pressed sav blanc character up front. High acid makes the first sip something of an assault but, after some adjustment, vibrant lime and passionfruit persist on the palate. A stylistically low 10 IBU lets the light malt body hold its own against the punchy fruit bowl flavours within.

The crew at The Beerfarm reckon a blend of the two yields great results, but as a standalone sour ale the Berlinion Blanc, like the Shirazzaweiss, comfortably holds its own and is a really grape beer!