$17.99 for a 6 PACK

Coopers Dark Ale is brewed using quality raw materials and century old brewing techniques, which produce a dark beer full of promise a journey in taste, starting fresh and creamy and finishing with a lingering coffee flavour. This beer is a dark brown colour and pours with crisp carbonation resulting in crisp, stable off-white head. The cloudiness which is evident is due to the presence of yeast, which is carried through the fermenting stage to finally produce the natural carbonation. The aroma is a bold statement in malt character: toasted malt with hints of chocolate from the roasted malt, there is also some fruit aroma and yeasty notes. The initial flavour displays a moderate roasted malt character with a subtle hop flavour. The mid palate displays some slight sweetness and a mild nutty taste and the finish is dry and medium bodied with a unique linger of cocoa.