$17.99 for a 6 PACK

Coopers Sparkling Ale is brewed using quality raw materials and century old brewing techniques, which produce a complex flavour which is smooth enough to be very enjoyable with intense fruity and floral characters and displays a crisp bitterness and a full malt character. This beer is a deep amber colour and pours with a lively effervescence producing a solid head. The pronounced cloudiness which is evident is due to the presence of yeast, which is carried through the fermenting stage to finally produce the bottle conditioning and natural carbonation. The aroma has a strong malt character with strong esters from the Coopers Ale yeast. The initial flavour imparts a strong malt character with strong hop bitterness. The mid palate displays some toast malt flavour and some sweetness and the finish is well balanced and displays a mild maltiness in the aftertaste which is magnified by the carbonation and a well-balanced after bitterness. The body which is apparent is due to the higher temperatures used in the mashing process.

This beer would be best suited to accompany foods that are spicy which can be used to contrast with the beer’s carbonation, barbecued foods which match well with the beer’s bitterness, or Italian style dishes with can match well with the beer’s apparent body.