Coopers Best Extra Stout is brewed using the choicest raw materials and classic brewing techniques, which produce a beer with punch. It is a beacon for lovers of a hearty brew, with a robust yet complex flavour, it’s everything a champion stout should be. This beer is a silky black colour and pours with appreciable carbonation resulting in a thick tan head. The cloudiness that may be evident is due to the presence of yeast, which is carried through the fermenting stage to finally produce the natural carbonation. The aroma is a rich and complex one. The aroma initially is a strong roasted malt character with undertones of chocolate, nuts, black coffee and tobacco which then develops with age into that of raisins, smoked wood and liquorice. The mouth feel is soft and velvety with a lingering carbonation. The mid palate contains sweet chocolate notes with the hop imparting their natural hop flavour and the finish is dry with a medium after bitterness from both the hops and the roasted malt.