Sloe Gin's are steadily following the resurgence of its higher ABV relative with new releases appearing from around the globe; including Australia and Germany. If you’re new to this quintessentially British liqueur, you'll soon realise the two are related by suffix alone, with the majority of brands available maintaining its traditional liqueur style, with a few exceptions omitted - see Cadenhead Sloe Gin.

This practice sees the sloe berry’s picked in the early winter months, combining Gin and sugar to allow a maceration infusion to occur. The ratio of sugar to Gin will depend on each producer and the properties of the fruits harvest, accounting for varying levels of sweetness and the inherit astringency of the sloe. 

As always, the quality and style of Gin will play a significant part toward the end flavour, with traditional recipes calling for the Juniper heavy 'London Dry' style.  With this new world approach, the sublime, yet quirky Monkey 47 Gin has been combined with handpicked Sloe berries from the Black forest in Germany.  The final mix is then left for a 3-month maturation period in earthenware containers and left un-filtered, for maximum flavour.  Many will be happy to know the end result remarkably maintains Monkey 47's trademark scent of lavender throughout.