A mainstay in the Murray's range since the mid noughties, Murray's signature pale ale has changed a lot over the years. It used to be called the Nirvana Pale Ale but at some point towards the turn of the first decade the pursuit of Nirvana turned to rage and it was renamed Angry Man Pale Ale and had its recipe tweaked. However, a little extra angst certainly didn't do the beer any harm as it's gone on to be the brewery's flagship ale, available in all parts of the country.

With a bolder hop character far punchier than the original incarnation (which was something of a hybrid between US and English pale ales) this ode to a classic American Pale Ale is a brilliant light-golden colour with a full-bodied finish and complex character. The beer's fresh citrusy/spicy aroma and flavour is strongly influenced by generous use of US and New Zealand-grown hops balanced with biscuity/toffee flavours from selected caramalts. The brewers recommend pairing it with hot and spicy food such as Thai, Indian or Vietnamese dishes.