Sauvignon Blanc, is one of the ‘Cepage Noble’. Its ability to make great wine where ever its set its roots down is remarkable. The S&S 2018 is an excellent reflection of what we have asked of it, in Gumeracha. Taken from the bottom of a steep slope, the breeze that slope generates, keeps it cool all day long. The slightly deeper soil satisfies Sauvignon that prefers to stretch its legs in a more fertile space.

The winemaking is a nod to Sancerre. The fruit is taken on flavour and is riper than most in the region. Its picked in the morning, when acidity is freshest and highest. The grapes are gently air pressed and some juice from the skins is allowed to run in with the easiest juice. We don’t use sulphur to help begin the process of shaping the taste. The skin is where the flavour and smell is with Sauvignon. The juice is rested for a few days then allowed to ferment with a full complement of milky looking solids that create and add shape and texture to the taste. This takes about a week, after which the wine is racked and the yeast in the wine that created the ferment are released back to the wild.

The wine now remains cloudy for another 5 months, the suspended yeast washing and cleansing the wine of its phenolics, slowing shaping it into white wine.

In time, the yeast which have made and protected the wine fall and a little sulphur is added to protect the wine and then is prepared for bottling.

This is very gentle process which lets nature run the winemaking.

Green with golden hue.

Limes, lemons, grass, mango.

Refreshing citrus explosion.