The Six Stringers have gone all Aussie for their late summer/early autumn release, combining Australian pale malt, Astra hops, Nick Cave and Tasmanian devils to form a limited edition lager.

Up Jumped The Devil takes its title from a Cave song while the artwork comes from the hand of Central Coast artist Kelly-Anne Love. Driven by a passion for conservation, she created a series of works called Endangered, the proceeds of which went to the Devil Ark project aimed at saving the Tassie devil. Six String got on board, putting the creature on the can and donating a dollar from the sale of each to Devil Ark.

As for what’s in the can – and a limited number of kegs out in the wild – it’s quite the opposite of the way the marsupial is typically presented in both colour and character. Despite being unfiltered, Up Jumped The Devil is very pale and clear and is built on a soft malt body. But it’s got a lot more going on than your average household lager, the hops giving it gentle tropical fruit characters, a little touch of spiciness on the finish and a bitterness that’s less of a devil’s bite than a gentle nibble.