The recent playfulness continues at Temple Brewing in both the concept and design of this winter 2019 specialty. Nitro Espresso Stoutini is, as the name suggests, their spin on an espresso martini. To reach that point, they took a stout recipe, added Commonfolk coffee beans in the mash and a dash of Stache House Martini (cold extract coffee) in the fermenter, then shot the beer through with nitrogen to recreate the texture of the cocktail's creamy head.

The cans come with handy instructions stuck across the ring pull: "CHILL ME. SHAKE ME. INVERT ME. POUR ME. ENJOY!" And, once you get to the last of these, what can you expect? You've got a beer in which the coffee character is prominent from the off, and which is, at heart, a full-bodied, roasty, creamy stout without the sweeter, liqueur character you can find in the cocktail that inspired it.