Ardmore Legacy is a new offering from the Ardmore distillery. It is a single malt that bridges the flavour gap from lighter Highland malts to the peatier Island and coastal malts of Scotland. The Ardmore distillery''s location in Kennethmont is geographically unusual; sitting on a railway line that was once at the heart of the industrial revolution and drawing its source of water from the opposing hills, The Ardmore is a rogue amongst more conventional distilleries, standing proudly on the fringes of the Highlands. The Ardmore Legacy celebrates this position with a liquid that is peated yet light, sweet and uplifting.

Nose: It leans more on the savoury than the sweet side of things, with light barbecue char and earthy notes up-front. Sweet cinnamon, fresh honey and vanilla toffee waft up at points.

Palate: More charred, smoky notes, joined by drying oak, pear drops and subtle grassy touches. Give it a minute for citrus zest and expressive heather to appear.

Finish: A lasting peat smoke finish, with a little bit of honey'd barley for good measure.