Chita is the first new premium whisky brand that Suntory has launched in over a decade, and one which is usually only available in Japan's 'Nagoya' Prefecture as well as Suntory’s Whisky Shops in Osaka and Tokyo. Produced at Chita (aka "Sun Grain") Distillery, founded in 1972 and located in Aichi Prefecture, the whisky has been a regular source for blending with the award-winning Hibiki whiskies as well as other Suntory brands.

There's not a great deal of information available regarding Chita - Suntory themselves remain silent with regard to production details. What is known is that the primary grain here is corn (though some malt is also used). Being corn based, like bourbon, the whisky is on the sweeter side. Reports have it that this is aged for around 12 years. There's unanimous praise across the web for this 'secret' gem, so we're extremely pleased to have secured an allocation.