A rich and full-bodied whisky with notes of vanilla, pears, oak, sherry, only a hint of smoke and a nice honey undertone, right from the beginning. It starts with a tingling fruity and slightly flowery sensation on the tip of your lips, and opens up it's full range of flavors on the way through your mouth. I advise drinking this whisky neat, but it also is very enjoyable with a hint of spring water. It performs its flavors best at about 20 to 22 °C, the range in which it develops a little hint of cocoa flavor, and a mild trace of coffee. The finish is long and colorful, yet neither pungent nor restrictive, so it doesn't diminish the flavor. It's not as complex as much older whiskys, but it's definitely a really good one in it's price range. I thus give this whisky five stars. One star for the good entrance, one for the rich middle notes, one for the long finish, the fourth for the pricing and the fifth for its overall performance and smoothness.