The fourth release in the Master’s Keep range will appeal to collectors wanting to maintain a full set of the series. At 9-11 years old, it's also the oldest rye whiskey ever offered by Wild Turkey.


Tasting note: [Batch 0001] 52% rye, 36% corn and 12% malted barley make up the mash bill. Amber to orange gold. The nose opens sweet and bourbon-like then turns dry and spicy with oak shavings, white pepper, ryvita biscuit, muddled mint and later, hints of apple pie and cinnamon. Generous and deliciously oily, the palate hits you with a full rye attack, rounding off with light vanilla, ripe peach, bristling spices and minty freshness. Solid. Rewards patience. 16,000 bottles for the U.S. market. 54.5% Alc./Vol. 


Other reviews... Wild Turkey’s Master Keep releases have all shared a certain subduedness compared to other limited release products, which has often resulted in a lack of buzz and general apathy for them. Cornerstone doesn’t completely forgo this, but does a better job of offering a more agreeable product without sacrificing quality or complexity. There’s a part of me that might have liked to have tasted some additional attention grabbing flavors, but at the same time Cornerstone is a nice counter to Kentucky Owl Rye. It doesn’t scream for your attention and knows if you give it a chance you’ll probably enjoy it quite a bit.  - breakingbourbon.com


...A delightfully complex nose of vanilla, hot cross buns and bakery shop, cherries, coconut, raisins, figs, licorice, old leather, and hay barn. A smooth, viscous palate offers lemon honey, fragrant oak, cigar ash, dark berries, and more coconut. Spicier notes emerge with water, while the finish offers rich smoothness, with spiciness, chocolate-covered coconut, tobacco, and bitter herbs. Lots of depth and complexity. A great whiskey to enjoy with a cigar.