For summer 2016, Young Henrys took one of their original beers, the Hop Ale, and reinvented it for the contemporary market. In that case, it meant lightening up the malt backbone and layering on the fruity hops in hefty amounts. And now they've brought the Summer Hop Ale back and given it the most popular contemporary refresh going: aluminium casing.

If you tried the beer last time around, you'll know what to expect. For those that haven't and would like to, firstly, it should be easier to do so as the cans will be going further afield than last year's longnecks. And, secondly, you'll unearth a pale golden beer packed with tropical fruit salad flavours, underpinned by a slightly resinous grapefruity bitterness and little that flags up the fact the beer in your hand is 6 percent ABV.